We guarantee quality results at great rates. Our services include:
Removal of soil, turf, asphalt, concrete, rocks, hedges, trees, garages, additions and more
Grading, laser leveling and land clearing
Trenching for foundation footings, water, gas and sewage lines and electrical conduits
Backfilling and compacting
Delivery of bulk and palletized materials, as well as our free sand/gravel blend
Disposal of residential and commercial waste
Rental of temporary fences

Our dump truck delivering sand to one of our excavation projects in Vancouver


A summary of our prices for all services is available here

We protect your property with comprehensive insurance and the highest safety standards, described here

We care about the environment. Read about our conservation and stewardship efforts here

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For excavator services, including hauling of soil or other materials to or from your project with our dump truck, we charge just $85/hour with a four-hour minimum for customers paying within a week of invoicing, a discount of 15% from our 30 day rate of $100/hour.
Delivery of our excavator is $150 throughout Metro Vancouver, or $200 to Abbotsford or Mission.
Concrete removal requiring our excavator's hydraulic breaker (jackhammer attachment) is an additional $60/hour with a two-hour minimum, assuming payment within a week of invoicing, a discount of 20% from our 30 day rate of $75/hour. Delivery of our breaker is $50.


Truck services without excavator contracting are only $66/hour for customers paying within a week of invoicing, a discount of 17.5% from our 30 day rate of $80/hour. Minimum charges apply.
Our 3.4 tonne dump truck can haul up to 7,500 lbs or 3 yards of gravel or sand, or 4 yards of soil, turf, concrete or asphalt. We can also haul lumber and other building materials, household and construction waste or two loaded pallets.
We can also haul 5.2 tonnes or 11,500 lbs of goods on our 16 foot lowdeck trailer, delivering our rental fences, sumps for utility construction, retaining wall blocks and more.


We charge just 10 cents a day per 9.5 foot fence panel (1.05 cent per foot). Installation or removal is $99 throughout Metro Vancouver for up to 15 panels (143 feet), or $149 in Abbotsford or Mission. Installation or removal of additional panels is $7 each. More information is available here.


GST is extra. PST applies to fence rentals as well as some deliveries. Click here for more information.

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