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We are passionate about our responsibility to ensure that our operations have the minimum possible impact on our environment.

Our company was founded by an outdoorsman who spent his youth mountaineering, trekking, paddling and appreciating the pristine beauty of our national and provincial parks.

While we would like to see more effective environmental protections from our various levels of government, we know that as a responsible corporate citizen, we have many opportunities to do our own part for the environment.

The following describes how we practice environmental conservation and stewardship in our daily operations:


Responsibly disposing of excavated soil at a licensed dump site in Vancouver

We recognize the power of technology to reduce our environmental footprint, investing in equipment designed to limit air pollution and fuel consumption. We operate:

A dump truck with the latest emission technologies, including a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) that capture harmful pollutants. While it is an unfortunately common practice among contractors to remove these features in order to eliminate the cost of operating and maintaining them, we consider these costs to be negligible compared to the environmental cost of their absence.

An excavator with the latest Tier 4-certified small-block diesel engine, which provides outstanding fuel efficiency and minimal emissions while also reducing noise pollution. While DPF and DEF are not available in excavators of its weight class, our next major investment will be a bobcat with a Tier 4-certified engine fitted with a DPF.

Zero-emissions support tools. For example, instead of using a gas-powered demolition hammer and chainsaw that emit noxious two-stroke fumes, we operate electric tools that are cleaner and quieter. We still use a gas-powered pavement saw, as an electric 14" wet saw is not yet available, but we look forward to upgrading once one comes to market. We're looking at you, Hilti!
We responsibly dispose of all waste materials generated through our operations. Unfortunately, illegal dumping by unscrupulous contractors remains a problem in the Lower Mainland. Many communities are frustrated with the illegal disposal of soil as well as waste from residential and commercial junk removal services.

In addition to properly separating recyclable materials during service calls for waste disposal, we provide proof of responsible dumping to all our customers, ensuring full transparency in this important aspect of our daily operations. Regardless of which contractor you hire for your next project, we recommend insisting that they provide you with a copy of their receipt from a licensed dump site to help stop illegal dumping.

We diligently maintain our equipment to ensure that no oil or other harmful fluids contaminate the ground. We frequently observe other contractors leave behind oil stains on their customers' driveways, causing damage and endangering the environment as well as pets and kids. We assure our own customers that we spend every dollar necessary to treat both their property and their loved ones with the highest respect.
We are always looking for ways to improve, and we look forward to seeing what new technologies come to market to help us ensure we do our part for the environment. We also welcome feedback from our valued customers and members of the public. If you have any suggestions to offer, please contact us here.

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