Past Projects

Here are a few photos showing some of our projects. If you have photos of work we've done for you, please email them to us and we'll post them here!


We removed these boulders while excavating for a retaining wall in West Vancouver

Pulling down trees in West Vancouver

Our hydraulic breaker for concrete removal

We removed this Coquitlam home's concrete driveway, walkway and front steps that had cracked over time, then graded everything so that another contractor could replace them

Bringing in sand for a conduit installation at a church in Vancouver

Laser leveling an excavation for a retaining wall and patio in West Vancouver

Installing a conduit for a gas line to a new home in the Horseshoe Bay neighbourhood of West Vancouver

This is the capped end of a conduit we installed in West Vancouver, showing the PVC pipe laid in sand, then protected by boards, above which is a layer of backfill, then caution tape marking the conduit below, followed by more backfill above the tape

This photo shows the upper section of a conduit we built on a narrow, winding and relatively steep driveway in West Vancouver, before adding more sand and then backfilling

Lifting 1,500 lb beams into place on a covered patio project in Vancouver

Leveling a large commercial property in Coquitlam

Turf removal for a driveway extension in Coquitlam

Trenching for a large commercial property development in Chilliwack

Removing asphalt for a project in Vancouver

Digging test pits in Langley for geotechnical analysis

Organizing a jobsite with limited space in North Vancouver before trenching for a stormwater drainpipe and placing a sump

Grading inside a garage in New Westminster

Checking our depth with our laser level in North Vancouver

We work in tight spaces, removing grid-reinforced concrete from a carport in North Vancouver

Fast and precise retaining wall prep in Port Coquitlam, with a 2% slope for drainage

Placing a drainage sump in Vancouver

Hauling away concrete for a landscaper in Surrey. His labourer moves it to our truck with a wheelbarrow, then our driver helps load the truck before hauling it away for just $66/hour plus dump fee

Removing 5,800 square feet of patchy turf to repair and level a large yard in Surrey

Removing 90 cubic yards of soil from a front yard in Vancouver, reducing its grade and eliminating the concrete retaining wall and walkway visible in the foreground

Here you can see the finished subgrade requested by the general contractor, after we removed the old concrete retaining wall and walkway. The water and gas lines are exposed and awaiting relocation. The remaining soil visible below the sidewalk will be used to backfill a new retaining wall there

Disposing of soil at Lawnboy Enterprises in Vancouver

Excavating for drainage tile replacement in Coquitlam

Removing a concrete patio slab in North Vancouver

An excavation for an in-ground hot tub in Langley

Picking up snow for delivery to a film set in Mission

Preparing to load a truck on a soil removal project in Port Moody

Passing through a space only 5' 5" wide in a new development in Surrey

Preparing a front yard in Coquitlam for a retaining wall project

Asphalt repairs at a hotel in Langley

We designed and built this landscaping and deck extension beneath a beautiful walnut tree, transforming an ordinary backyard to a summer oasis

This shows the completed excavating and grading on that side of the yard, before further work on the pond and deck began

We delivered nine yards of free navvy jack to this customer in Richmond, then spread and laser-leveled it so he could install paving stones

Modern and tidy gravel landscaping - the environmentally friendly alternative to high-maintenance grass! Quality landscaping fabric underneath ensures that no weeds will appear

Wide view of an 85' stretch of gravel we installed in Burnaby. This is an excellent solution to the chafer beetle problem. Click here to see a "before" picture

Natural features like tree roots can be incorporated into flowing slopes

Gravel transitioning into a stone wall we built around a storm drain

A 59' basalt stone wall we built in Burnaby, retaining the lane side of the customer's sloping backyard

Picking up handpicked boulders from a Northwest Landscape & Stone Supply in Burnaby

Backfilling a concrete wall that now serves as a solid footing for a quality fence

Removing 70 cubic yards of soil from a sloping backyard in North Vancouver, reducing its grade to the rear of the house

Note the reduction in grade visible on the left. The homeowner will be building a gabion retaining wall below the fence there

Quickly moving soil through a passageway too narrow for even compact dump trucks to access

Loading our truck at a BC Hydro substation in Coquitlam

"We move the earth for you!"

Installing new storm and sanitation services with Coquitlam-based Tasha Civil Works and Hulk Hogan

Providing environmental services to natural gas drilling operations
using a Caterpillar 312 in northern BC, 2013