Our sturdy fences secure your property against unauthorized access, protect the public from construction site hazards and protect you from lawsuits resulting from preventable injuries.

Fences are just 10 cents a day per 9.5 foot panel (1.05 cent per foot), and each installation includes a door panel for convenient access to your jobsite. Door panels are easily locked with any padlock.

We deliver and set up our temporary fences for $99 for up to 15 panels (143 feet) anywhere in Metro Vancouver, or $149 in Abbotsford or Mission, seven days a week. Installation of additional panels is $7 per panel. The same rates apply to removal afterward.

Need a security upgrade? We can secure our fence panels together, decreasing the risk of tampering and theft. More information is available here.


After installation for $99, this 67 foot fence in Langley costs less than $22 per month!

We also sell fences. Customers interested in purchasing a fence are welcome to contact us for a quote.

Whether you're renting or buying, we need to know what length you need in feet or meters. You can measure this yourself, or we can measure it for you prior to delivering your fence. We charge $47.62 for this service ($50 with GST).

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