Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free consultations?

Absolutely! We're happy to meet with you to discuss your project, give advice and provide a cost estimate free of charge. If you're a contractor booking a consultation for a customer property, we generally require you or another person familiar with the project to be there when we arrive, though we do make exceptions where appropriate.

Do you accept Visa and Mastercard?

Yes, with a 3% surcharge to offset the cost of processing credit card payments, except in the case of fence rentals, which are exempt from this surcharge.

What are your payment terms?

Our base rates for excavator and truck services apply when payment is made within seven days of invoicing, but we also offer pricing for 20- and 30-day terms, as set out in the following table.

Fence and traffic safety supply rental fees are charged to your credit card on the first of each month or upon removal, whichever comes first.

  Excavator services Truck services Purchases surcharge
0-7 days $85/hour $66/hour 10%
8-20 days $95/hour $75/hour 15%
21-30 days $100/hour $80/hour 20%

Minimum charges apply and are described here. Truck services refers to service calls where only our dump truck (or truck and trailer) is required. A full list of our prices is available here.

Our purchases surcharge is a fee for purchases made on your behalf, such as building materials and dump fees. We provide proof of purchases from the vendor or dump site for all such costs.

Are excavator services available on weekends and holidays?

Yes, within the hours set out in your municipality's construction noise bylaw. Saturdays are no problem, but most jurisdictions prohibit construction on Sundays and holidays, though Abbotsford, Mission and Squamish do not, while Surrey, Belcarra, Lions Bay and Chilliwack allow it on holidays but not Sundays.

You can look up your municipality's construction noise hours here.

Are truck services available on weekends and holidays?

Yes, provided that any third parties required are also open, such as the vendor from whom we will be picking up your materials, or the dump to which we will be hauling waste. We are always able to deliver our rental fences on weekends and holidays.

Which sales taxes apply to your services?

GST applies to all our services. PST applies to delivery services when we are asked to pay for purchases on your behalf, without installation contracting through our excavator service. PST also applies to fence rentals.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, we carry comprehensive insurance, including $10 million of liability coverage for your peace of mind, and we're happy to provide proof of insurance to any customer that requests it. We are also registered with WorksafeBC under account number 087014. More information is available here.

Do you provide drainage and waterproofing services?

Yes, we install drain tile and rainwater leaders, as well as provide foundation waterproofing and crack repairs to ensure that water stays where it belongs - outside and away from your home.

Do you install sewer lines?

Yes, we install sewage connections on both new and existing homes.

Do you remove oil tanks?

Yes, we remove old oil tanks and any contaminated soil. Once your tank has been removed, we provide free fill to help save you money.

Can you deliver hot asphalt?

No, we are not able to deliver hot asphalt for paving projects. This is because our truck's dumper has a system of hinges and latches that allow its sides to fold for loading pallets, and hot asphalt would contaminate these mechanisms, preventing them from working. We do, however, deliver asphalt grindings as well as haul away asphalt for disposal.

Can I rent your excavator, dump truck or trailer?

Not yet, though we do plan to offer rental equipment in the near future, beginning with a skid-steer bobcat (a Kubota SSV75), a track dumper (a Kubota KC120) and a 2 tonne mini excavator (a Bobcat E20). Stay tuned!

Do you service heavy equipment?

No, we do not offer mechanical services at this time.

Can I pick up your rental fences myself?

No, rental fences are available only on a full-service basis that includes installation and removal.

This website looks like it was designed in the '90s. What gives?

I built this website myself, including all graphic design work, layout and content. Not bad for a heavy equipment operator!