We offer a wide range of services with our mini excavator, dump truck, flatdeck trailer and suite of attachments and support tools. We plan to soon expand our fleet with a smaller excavator and track dumper capable of working in the tightest spaces.

Mini excavator

Our 3.3 tonne excavator is the perfect size for most projects, whether you're in the city or on a large rural property.

It can fit through spaces as narrow as 5.5 feet, dig 10 feet down and lift 1,600 lbs, making quick work of jobs big and small.

This machine is quiet and features rubber tracks that protect your valuable concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Its attachments include:

36" smooth bucket for general excavating, grading and backfilling
24" toothed bucket for trenching and excavating hard material
18" toothed bucket for trenching and excavating hard material (with available tooth-eliminating plate for exposing utilities)
Hydraulic thumb (grapple) for handling rocks, vegetation and waste
Hydraulic breaker (jackhammer) for removing concrete and hardpan
Hoisting hook for lifting heavy sumps, beams and other objects

Dump truck & trailer

Our 3.4 tonne dump truck can haul 7,500 lbs or 3 yards of gravel or sand, or 4 yards of soil, turf or broken concrete and asphalt.

It can also haul lumber, sumps and other building materials, as well as household and construction waste or two loaded pallets.

It can fit through spaces as narrow as 8.75 feet, allowing it to access areas that full-size dump trucks cannot.

Our 16 foot flatdeck trailer can transport bulkier freight like scaffolding, our rental fences, vehicles and heavy equipment weighing up to 5.2 tonnes or 11,500 lbs.

Support tools

In addition to our suite of excavator attachments, our support tools include:

Laser level for ensuring precise grades and proper drainage
Pavement saw for cutting asphalt and concrete up to 5 inches thick
Chainsaw for tree removal
Reciprocating saw for temporarily removing fence panels for machine access
Water line key compatible with all three valve standards
Delineators, traffic cones and signs for controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic

Coming soon

We plan to expand our service fleet with:

A 2.0 tonne excavator and 1.2 tonne track dumper for operating in spaces only 4 feet wide
A bobcat-style track loader for quickly moving large volumes of material through spaces too narrow for our dump truck to access, as well as handling pallets and clearing snow in the winter

Stay tuned!


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